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Our Vision

The vision of Latinx Digital Leaders Now (Latinx DLN) is sustainable wealth in Latinx communities through innovation, strong family values, and positive social impact.

Our Mission

The Latinx DLN’s mission is to advance policies and initiatives for digital equity.

Why LatinX DLN

The United States is facing a talent crisis in computing and information technology (IT).  There are currently tens of thousands of open positions—in both the public and private sectors—related to information technology (IT), computing, and cybersecurity, 1, 2 but not enough workers with the skills to fill them. The (ISC)², a cybersecurity professional organization, estimates that there is currently a shortage. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that there will be 3.5 million computing-related jobs in the United States by 2026.

Despite demographic shifts in the talent pool, and affirmation by multiple research studies that diverse teams improve innovation, problem-solving, and productivity,15–17 the U.S. tech workforce has remained majority White and Asian, and overwhelmingly male.18 This failure to include all students and capitalize on the competitive advantage that the unique diversity of the U.S. population adversely affects our nation as a whole.

DLN was chosen as a new nonprofit during Covid 19’s pandemic “as one of the innovators that will help accelerate our recovery from Covid 19 & build a better & more equitable future” letter of acceptance and invitation. Participating in Stanford’s Graduate School of Business Stanford Rebuild Global Inaugural Cohort 2020. The program provided an innovative model, in collaboration with a global cohort of innovators and entrepreneurs, to help build the foundation for the DLN design of products and services with disruptive solutions for equity and social impact in Latino and other communities of color. The need is to come together for addressing critical needs today during and after COVID-19 for immediate, short, and long term solutions.

CEO & Founder, CSC Consulting, LULAC National Education Chair, and LULAC Council


Caroline Sanchez Crozier is an immigrant who traveled from Mexico with her family arriving in Summit, Illinois at the young age of eight. Like many who arrive in this country – the land of opportunity – the family strived for a better life. Education was their way to succeed and make their dreams come true. For Caroline, after a business degree and working in the corporate world, she became an entrepreneur learning from the best, Apple Computer, with a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to serve the Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest district in the country.

She was one of the few Latinas in Tech when she started, and 33 years later, she is still considered a 1% Latina in STEM. Her company CSC Consulting Group has served hundreds of clients, mostly schools, where diversity, equity, and inclusion are still a challenge for Latinos, in technology and most areas.

Today, her business provides IT services to clients, with a diverse team of Cisco certified engineers, the company grooms internally because there is a small workforce pipeline of Latinx in Tech. With technology careers being the fastest growing industry, and Latinos being the fastest-growing population, the workforce gap must close. Caroline being the entrepreneur that she is, and wanting to pay it forward – Latinx Digital Leaders Now was born.

Another way of paying it forward, Caroline has gone back to the elementary school she started in Summit, IL and is adopting the school district (97% Latino) and invited the superintendent to join DLN. With a great team of supporters, she is jumping into the world of nonprofits to advocate for digital equity and to launch – from elementary school to professionals, and entrepreneurs. Latinx DLN was created by a Latina and with fellow Latinx For Latinx in the Tech space. Why? To ensure that Latinx are at the forefront of innovation, leadership, and investments in their communities. Join us NOW!

Latinx DLN is an official partner of CISCO Networking Academy


Digital leaders now has identified four major initiatives described below that will make a significant impact on leveling the playing field for the Latinx community in the area of stem careers, technology entrepreneurship opportunities, and redesigning and reimagining education for Latino students today.


Coding Skills Training and App Development initiatives to support stakeholders with projects that integrate Latinx culture.

Broadband Equity

To help under-resourced Latinx families function and thrive in a new virtual society where we now live, work, and learn.

Tech Workforce Diversity

IT industry-certified credentialed programs to increase the representation of the Latinx STEM workforce and entrepreneurs.

Latino Student Success

Super Groups Matter for LSS

Latina Entrepreneurs NOW

Building Social Capital for Latina entrepreneurs for revenue growth, amplifying the brand, and Access to Capital.

Healthy Connected Communities

Building Social Capital for HCC

Who We Impact

Latinx K-12 Educators

Della Benavides

Latina Entrepreneurs NOW

Alicia Ponce

Latinx Corporate ERG

Eric Diaz

Latinx Young Professionals

Yetzabeth Rodas

Our Board

Dr. Manuel Isquierdo

Ed.D., EdTech Consultant, and Former Superintendent

Dr. Ronald Perlman

Ph.D., Founder & President of The Center, Resources for Teaching and Learning

Letty Velez

CEO & Founder, Velez Global Enterprises, IC U Initiative, LULAC National Education

LatinX Digital Leaders NOW

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