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We are dedicated to advancing policies and initiatives for digital equity for the LatinX community

With technology as an essential digital resource, LatinX DLN helps create pathways that build family, business, and community legacies.

Who We Are

LatinX DLN was established to advance computer science education and grow Latino representation in STEM-related careers and entrepreneurship. We are founded on the belief that expanding technology access for everyone will help meet the ever-changing needs in schools, the workforce, small businesses, and communities.
Disrupting the Tech Status Quo

Our Vision & Mission


To create sustainable health and wealth in Latinx communities through innovation, strong family values, and positive social impact.


To advance digital equity policies and initiatives that are inclusive for Latinx to thrive in how we live, learn, work, and play.

Our Core Values


Equity matters for ensuring everyone has access to the same treatment, opportunities, and advancement.


Involve people with different identities, backgrounds, or values.


We take a strong leadership role to create positive change.


Work closely with underrepresented and underserved communities to provide access to meet their holistic needs.


Find innovative partnerships to boost our initiatives with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Social Capital

Leverage connections across Latino generations, communities and allies to advance our mission and initiatives.


Urgent Need: Dire Statistics in Tech


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We take action in advancing equity in a growing digital world to make positive change through action, innovation, social capital and growth.